Foldable Headphones 3.5mm Headset With Mic Audio (Many Colors)

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Foldable Headphones 3.5mm Headband Headset Stereo Surround  With Mic Audio



1.EP16 folding headband earphone/headset, suitable for most PC/Cellphone/MP3/MP4/Tablets 

    with 3.5mm  interface.
2.Reasonable color-matching, shows your fashion taste.
3.Standard 3.5mm interface with gilding design, antioxidant,effectly maintain the conductivity of current,  allows you to enjoy the music anytime, anywhere.
4.Precise processing, plays the stereo effect, pure timbre, exclusive audio technology, efficient HD convey.
5. Ergonomic position can be adjusted freely, folding headset, convenient to carry out whenever you want.
6.Made of soft material of the ear pad, comfortable and breathable, allows you to wear it for a long time.
7.About 1.5M earphone line, long enough for daily use like playing games, listening to music, 

   viewing videos, etc.
8. The earphone line with microphone function, you can use it for recording, or voice chatting.
9.Smart compatible with various brands of digital products.



Headset type: headband earphone/portable headset
Headset audio output: general
Plug size: 3.5mm
Plug type: straight plug
The frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ω
Sensitivity 108 dB
Wire Length: 1.5m
Materials: PVC+ABS
Weight: about 200g
Optional Colors: Black,White,Black+White,Blue,Pink Red,Green,Orange,Yellow.

Package Included:
1 x Folding Headband Earphone With 3.5mm Audio Cable Line

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